Welcome to Brighton Beach School

The aim of Brighton Beach School is to educate and impassion children about their local coastal environment, through investigation, creative activities and coastal games.

Our belief is that we should all be experts in the environment we live. If children have the opportunity to learn through investigation and play at the beach, they will grow up feeling a strong connection with our beautiful Sussex coastline. If there is a connection, then there is a passion to preserve and protect our environment for the future.

Sandwiched between the South Downs and the English Channel, Brighton and Hove is known as the ‘Living Coast Biosphere’ and is a perfect setting for our children to explore the fascinating coastal flora and fauna. 

Beach School Ethos

Turning the tide on how we view education, Brighton Beach School follows the same ethos as Forest School, with the focal point being a child-led environment following their instinctive curiosity, where children are facilitated to explore, instigate, develop and imagine. Our sessions allow participants to develop their resilience, independence, motivation, confidence and a love of nature. Our experience has shown us that children who may not be confident in a classroom, often thrive outdoors.

In parallel to the Sussex Wildlife Trust, we believe that children have

‘a right to play; a right to access risk; a right to access the outdoors and the vibrant reality of the natural world’.

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