Beach activities vary and range from physical wide-game type activities, to creative art work, conservation projects and scientific based activities such as investigating and identifying local fauna and flora. Learning opportunities are virtually limitless.

Rock Pooling

Example of a Beach School session.

  • How to be sensible, safe and responsible when using/enjoying the beach.
  • Explore the effects that changing seasons and tides have on the coast.
  • Understand sea defences, what hard and soft sea defences are.
  • Take part in mini beach cleans and discuss why this is important for the environment.
  • Explore the natural coastal environment and learn how to protect it.
  • Recognise how marine flora and fauna have adapted to survive in their environments and how different weather conditions affect them.
  • Question pressures on the marine environment. E.g, marine pollution and overfishing.
  • Discover marine protected areas.
  • Identify different species and learn more about them.
  • Explore and discover coastal habitats.
  • Learn survival skills such as shelter building, fire lighting and cooking outdoors.