Progression of skills

Throughout our Beach School sessions, we will offer a clear progression of skills through years 1-6, evolving the children’s learning as their physical and mental skills develop. Some children develop faster than others, so all activities are flexible, in order to maintain safety and enjoyment. 

For example; a year 1 class, we may introduce the concept of tides by measuring how the water moves up or down the beach. By year 6 the children will have an understanding how the moon has an impact on these tides and know how to explain seasonal tides.

Activities are designed, working closely alongside School Curriculums and we are very happy to discuss specific Curriculum requirements you may have. For example, if your year group is studying food chains, we are able to set up beach activities to investigate marine food chains; if you are studying Van Gogh in Art, then a suitable activity would be to create own artwork on the beach using Van Gogh as inspiration.